Picture of the Day for 12-17-2003
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Jeremy had a fire in his apartment complex, he's ok and nothing was too bad, but a scare none the less. Here is a picture of an ant farm given by the Reinhardts to Toby at the shower in his honor.
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bethie A fine gift for any youngster...hours and hours of enjoyment. Plus it is EXTREME...ants can ride the motercycles. Dec 17th 2003 10:48:50 AM
Senor Cal I've been to Jeremy's apartment. This ant farm is nicer, even before the fire. Dec 17th 2003 11:04:46 AM
JWine True, it lacks an awesome 360 degree tunneling zone and the natural structural integrity. But it's home. Or, it was. Dec 17th 2003 01:54:03 PM