Picture of the Day for 12-18-2005
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To continue the guessing game from yesterday, IT'S THE GOV!!!! This guy can't get away from me at these games. You of course remember the instant classic "Me and the Gov" foto from last year Link here At least the Gov is wearing a different maroon shirt.
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beth told ya! Dec 18th 2005 07:08:14 AM
Nathan UK Still Have you noticed since your last encounter with THE GOV he is now protected by anti drunken slobber glass. I think the two thumbs are warning you that if you get within two metres of him the serious looking dude beside him will get you in a death grip! Jan 3rd 2006 04:03:49 AM
Admin good point. Next time I'm going to have to try out that anti-slobbering glass. I also just noticed the hired muscle he has in the blue shirt. I think it's the governor's personal Mr. T. Jan 3rd 2006 05:15:13 AM