Picture of the Day for 12-19-2005
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I love when they do flyovers at the games. I took about 7 shots of the flyover and if you parse them really fast it looks like they are flying. However, I'm sure I'd bore some of my fans by putting seven pictures in a row of airplanes. If only Grandpa Seymore was around to back me up. Anyhow, this airplane picture is dedicated to him.
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tahoeeddie hard to tell, but those look like F-18s? Dec 19th 2005 08:55:01 AM
Admin Nope, they are airplanes. Trust me on this one. Dec 19th 2005 11:17:06 AM
Bubby Lani Grandpa Seymour would be so proud of this picture. Dec 19th 2005 03:07:23 PM
Glenn Where is last weekends photo of Beth? Dec 19th 2005 08:06:14 PM