Picture of the Day for 12-21-2005
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First of all, Happy solstice day. Secondly, here is a great photo. Not only do we get to show POD favorite, "Aunty Beth", but we also get to see the wild Unkee Jeremy in action with one of the unsuspecting female denziens of college station.
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aunty beth I will get you back for this...just for the record, I got up at 5 am to get to this game, then I had to ensure that Jeremy and Aaron behaved around my 14 year old..so by the time this picture was taken...I REALLY NEEDED A BEER! Dec 17th 2005 01:47:00 PM
Admin Somebody has to show your 14 year old how to be cool. What better teachers than his royal baldness and myself? Dec 18th 2005 06:04:16 AM
JWine I choose burrito Dec 21st 2005 07:08:19 AM
Glenn I think Beth looks great, like always. Jeremy, however, looks like Jay Scragg, a past room-mate of Aaron's and mine who once pulled his own tooth. Dec 22nd 2005 06:03:54 PM