Picture of the Day for 12-23-2003
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We have a special guest photographer today. POD favorite brother, Jeremy, sends in this photo of the hallway right outside his apartment. Everybody is ok, and his apartment only received smoke damage. His computer is ok and he probably smells like he is smoking hot. Just remember when you make that, "I'm not happy with my underwear and socks present." face, that you could be unlucky one day and be overjoyed at getting something so basic to replenish what you have lost.
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Scorpio This reminds me of the time Ray Zaborowski decided to "Soup-up" our dryer and caught our garage on fire. Oh, the times we had. Dec 23rd 2003 02:48:33 PM
Admin The two images that stand out from the great Ray Underwear fire of '92 was Glenn shaking out the last of the chemicals from the fire extingisher that he chopped the nossle off of from the day before, and Ray pulling out each peice of underware from the dryer one by one while we all sat around drinking beer. Long live the short lived House of Pleasure Lounge. I need to find some old House of Pleasure pictures.... Dec 23rd 2003 09:44:44 PM
kimberly i'm just happy that jeremy is ok! Dec 23rd 2003 10:04:31 PM
Scorpio Does everything have to be about Jeremy? We were talking about Ray here. If you don't have a Ray comment, please save it for a more apropriate POD.One time, Ray tried to urinate on his own chair. That was funny. Then when I corrected him he told me to drive myself home - I was sitting in our living room.Another time Ray turned an old see-through slurpee machine into an aquarium. I think he loves animals. Dec 30th 2003 03:49:49 PM