Picture of the Day for 12-23-2006
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Welcome to this secret weekend POD pic. Kim likes ladders and she likes christmas lights. They both scare me.
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Unk J Bonus pic! Dec 24th 2006 04:22:52 PM
Bubby Lani This really scares me. I'm getty queasy just looking at it. Dec 25th 2006 08:32:13 AM
Nathan and with this evidence I am going to take you to court for breach of health and safety regulation 4.6 (1985) which states that all person using ladders at heights in excess of 1 metre should be held steady by their devoted husband in case a freak gust of wind should cause them to wobble and a fall should ensue resulting in the grazing of the climbers knee requiring medical attention with a band aid or at worst get a really stingy bottom. Dec 27th 2006 01:33:43 PM