Picture of the Day for 12-27-2004
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I tried to capture my temporary return to bachelor pad status. The picture really doesn't do any justice to the overall scene in the whole house. I think I've used every pot and pan and available counter space in the kitchen. Don't worry POD faithful, everything will be spic and span upon Kimberly's return.
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momma h oh come on. surely you can do better than that, mess-wise ! Dec 27th 2004 03:58:24 PM
Admin You didn't see the living room. I'm not even going to show that scene as I would totally get reamed for that mess. Dec 27th 2004 04:02:03 PM
kimberly he can do better, and don't call him shirley. Dec 27th 2004 04:03:19 PM
Bubby Lani Aaron, what happened with the weather in Austin? Did it snow? We can't get through on road runner, just the yahoo account. Email or answer us here. Dec 27th 2004 06:20:58 PM
Admin It snowed so bad here that all cable modems were rendered inoperable. Actually it was 63 degrees today. Hope everything is swell down under. Dec 27th 2004 07:28:29 PM
eddie. if you really wanted to get back to the bachelor days, you should have called all the squatters back, we could have helped you wreck the place. well, jo would have just tried to clean everything up...but the rest of us could leave stuff out, and in your attic! Jan 3rd 2005 10:51:34 PM