Picture of the Day for 12-27-2006
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This is a guest POD from my buddy Nathan in England. He says, "No strings or photoshop were used in the creation of this image. I would also like to add that no animals were harmed during the creation and execution of this death defying stunt!". If I remember correctly, we were trying to pull off this stunt during our backbacking days in Brisbane. I guess he was able to do it finally, while I got fat and lazy. Anyhow, word has it that his lovely wife was due last Sunday, so a big POD hug goes out to Nathan, Kate and their family.
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Bubby Lani(Aaron's mom) Nathan, I am very impressed with your feat! Regards to your family. Dec 27th 2006 08:14:08 AM
Nathan She was due on Sunday but we had a little girl on Saurday a day early the night after this stunt. Isabel Florence Still (aka Wonder Woman) was born at 18:07 weighing 8lb 13oz - I think that's 4kg! The way she popped that baby out was a much more impressive stunt than any I've ever pulled off. Except the time I did a bungee jump, come to think of it it was a bit similar. Dec 27th 2006 01:26:43 PM
kimberly congrats nathan and kate! Dec 28th 2006 05:31:03 AM
Bubby Lani Congrats Nate & Kate. Florence was my middle name as well. Dec 28th 2006 07:30:08 AM
Prince of Harlem Good going Nathan. Hong Kong Phooey says, "I do reckon you kung fu'd that there pole!" Dec 28th 2006 08:22:26 AM