Picture of the Day for 12-29-2004
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The wife and kid came back last night and I was very happy to see them. I missed them alot and Kimberly was impressed with my cleaning abilities. Here is a guest photo from Grandpa Eesh of the Tobinator conquering sledding.
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kimberly toby was blase about sledding, but he's crazy about sliding! he loved the indoor playground at the atlanta airport. looks like we'll be heading to the park more often. Dec 29th 2004 01:10:49 PM
Bubby Lani Very cute all bundled up, but what is he wearing on his legs? Dec 29th 2004 08:34:46 PM
kimberly snowpants! well, sort of...lined windbreaker style pants. and my grandma made him those mittens with the long string to keep him from losing them. Dec 29th 2004 08:54:21 PM