Picture of the Day for 12-30-2004
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I had to do one more food photo for the year. Here is a plate of corn and some sloppy joe. You can see Toby in the background eating, but he doesn't have enough teeth for sloppy joe. Kimberly doesn't like corn so she got orange vegetable.
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momma h Toby seemed to be looking for or maybe wishing for the puppies when eating at Grandpa and Grandma's house. And I wasn't even cooking ! Dec 30th 2004 06:01:09 PM
Sloppy Glenn What did Admin use a steak knife on? I have a recipe for sloppy joes that might be a little more tender. Dec 31st 2004 11:53:05 AM
kimberly actually, i think he was using that to spear each kernel of corn. dork. Dec 31st 2004 06:22:58 PM