Picture of the Day for 12-30-2005
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In this last picture of 2005 here is Toby and myself making snow angles at an angle. There will be a new menu item next week and that menu item will be 2006. Don't get to crazy this new years eve.
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Peaches Great pic. Happy New Year. Dec 30th 2005 06:50:26 AM
aunty beth this is why we live in Texas...you look cold. Bring on the 80 degrees and the margaritas. Happy New Years! Dec 30th 2005 08:48:55 AM
Admin I have three pairs of socks on, two pairs of underwear and two hats. I was still cold. Next time I'm going to bring a woolly mammoth coat. Dec 30th 2005 09:50:19 AM
mh I'm with you Beth !! O wait...I guess I'm in the cold and damp north - and only wishing I were with ya. Dec 30th 2005 06:18:01 PM
aunty beth come on down Momma Hansen! I'll have a margarita waiting on you! Dec 30th 2005 06:22:18 PM
kimberly one margarita would probably knock my mom into a coma, beth. think one glass of wine. Dec 30th 2005 06:56:34 PM
mh Thanks, Beth ! I CAN handle (one) margarita ! Next time I go to Austin, maybe I'll get fly in to San Antonio. Dec 31st 2005 08:57:07 AM
Admin Austin and San Antonio are now joined due to urban sprawl. You won't have to fly anywhere. Dec 31st 2005 01:32:22 PM
aunty beth that is true! It is actually cheaper to fly into austin than san antonio. we are only one hour away from austin! Jan 2nd 2006 02:20:38 AM
Nathan UK Still Do you mean snow angEls at an angle or is that another Americanisation of the Queens English, God Save Her..... and spelling!!!!!! Happy New Year America. Jan 3rd 2006 04:08:33 AM
Glenn I did a quick search online for "snow angles" expecting to find some cartoons or something. Instead I found that there are many people who don't know how to spell "angels." Jan 3rd 2006 08:44:16 AM
Admin Now hold on, my spelling gaff was done on purpose to create the very pun like caption. Besides, I don't believe in no stinkin' snow angels ever since I found out that Della Reese who is in Touched by an Angel as an angel is the foul mouthed hooker madam in Harlem Nights. Jan 3rd 2006 09:03:19 AM
Nathan UK Still That was a pun like caption? Not only are you losing your sense of adventure now you are old and aware of your own mortality it would appear you are losing your hilarious wit as well. Pretty soon you will be wearing carpet slippers, a smoking jacket and smoking a pipe whilst sat in a comfy armchair with a tartan blanket over your legs to keep out the drafts. Now that sounds like a good scene for the next POD!!! Jan 11th 2006 11:19:11 AM