Picture of the Day for 12-03-2004
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Uncle Jeremy came into town for the holiday. Here he is playing with the Tobinator. Kimberly watches on to chaperone.
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kimberly why? oh why can't i take a good photo? Dec 3rd 2004 06:56:03 AM
Glenn "...and someday, if you are lucky, your head will be as smooth as this ball..." Dec 3rd 2004 01:13:30 PM
beth "mommy, please protect me from this person. I can't imagine that he is related to me" Dec 3rd 2004 01:27:45 PM
kimberly yeah, i'm thinking, "oh crap, toby actually appears to be listening to him". Dec 3rd 2004 02:11:21 PM
Admin Unkee Jeremy is a smart and wise man. Toby should be so lucky to have this great teacher involved in his early childhood. Dec 3rd 2004 03:23:59 PM
Beth why are you sucking up to Unkee Jeremy? I agree with Kim. Dec 3rd 2004 04:11:33 PM
Glenn "...firmly clench one buttock in each hand. Then, in a circular motion..." Dec 3rd 2004 05:29:20 PM
Nathan Hey! Show The Prince of Harlem some respect. Dec 7th 2004 11:15:03 AM
Captain Glenn Harlem. That's right. I was thinking more "Prince of Persia" the way he demonstrates how to polish ones booty. Dec 7th 2004 01:05:26 PM
Aaron Nathan's got your back Jeremy. I'd pick him when you create your justice league. Dec 8th 2004 04:34:58 AM
JWine Ironically, no justice will be done in our League of Justice. Just wrongness, wrongness, wrongness. Dec 9th 2004 12:44:57 PM