Picture of the Day for 12-04-2007
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We went to Hoover's for dinner the other night and the Griff beefed all my fried okra. He didn't want to eat anything else other than my okra. This one's for you Uncle Jeremy.
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beth You went to HOOTERS? Where's the wings? I want to see pics of Toby and his "older girlfriend." Dec 4th 2007 08:07:08 AM
Bubby Lani Good one Beth. It is Hoovers, not Hooters for my grandsons, at least until they are older. Dec 4th 2007 10:00:18 AM
abuelo Orange Okra? Is that a TU thing? Those look like sliced carrots. Of course, lil' chipmunk cheeks may have stored the okra and left the veggies for a less manly man. Dec 4th 2007 12:51:19 PM
Admin Believe me, he didn't want any carrots and yes, there were about 15 okra pieces in those checks Dec 4th 2007 01:38:53 PM
beth Yeah...I would wait until they are at least 10 before they go to Hooters...I like Okra! Doesn't look like Grif will share! Dec 4th 2007 05:38:32 PM