Picture of the Day for 12-05-2005
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Even though "Maisy" the mouse is requested almost daily, he is only allowed one episode a week. Here he is following the American dream in his "no TV" shirt.
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aunty beth so is football or hockey only allowed one episode a week too? Dec 5th 2005 07:23:42 AM
kimberly no football or hockey. too many crappy commercials. Dec 5th 2005 07:26:12 AM
Aunty beth avari sings "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas...the benefits of having an older brother. Dec 5th 2005 10:39:27 AM
Glenn I bet Toby didn't pick out that shirt? Does he have another one that reads "No Candy"? Dec 5th 2005 07:07:37 PM
kimberly no. not yet. Dec 5th 2005 07:09:11 PM
kimberly he doesn't know what candy is yet. he got some for halloween, but aaron ate it all. Dec 5th 2005 07:32:27 PM
mh it's very discouraging that in spite of your best efforts to nuture, he looks like he could have some couch potato nature. Dec 6th 2005 06:05:58 AM
Admin Isn't that why we have kids? To eat all their candy? Dec 6th 2005 06:23:28 AM
kimberly those couches just suck you down. it is impossible to sit up straight in them. Dec 6th 2005 06:29:02 AM
JWine A young dude's gotta learn the right posture for package display. Proud uncle checking in. Dec 10th 2005 02:49:46 PM