Picture of the Day for 12-06-2005
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This picture is of Momma Hansen and the Tobinator painting pictures. The only question I have is why does Toby have a dallop of red paint on his head and why does Momma Hansen have a brush with the exact color match of red?
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England Kate Isn't Toby meant to wear the painting overalls? Dec 6th 2005 05:27:30 AM
mh Because I am his assistant, making it easy for him to change brushes and colors quickly. In that way, he is able to maintain focus. (I'm surprised that you've missed the obvious, Admin.) Dec 6th 2005 06:01:36 AM
Admin The funny thing about that shirt is that it's my shirt that Kimberly stole from me. She used an excuse like it didn't fit my new girth or something to that nature. The other funny thing is these paints are water washable. Dec 6th 2005 06:24:38 AM
kimberly i happen to know that mh is a VERY messy painter. Dec 6th 2005 06:27:38 AM
Nathan You should give one colour, a bigger brush and set him to work on the decorating. Dec 6th 2005 07:06:03 AM