Picture of the Day for 12-07-2006
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Spiderman was at the car show signing autographs. It's nice to know that there is such a lack of crime in Austin that superheroes are forced to do public events to kill the time.
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Bubby Lani Admin looks awed, Toby looks shy and I have no comment on Spiderman, as this is a clean site. Dec 7th 2006 07:58:51 AM
Uncle Albert I think Spiderman likes you Dec 7th 2006 03:00:25 PM
Nathan I've consulted with the Hulk and he is fuming, whether there are crimes to fight or not a superhero should never lower himself to 'C List' celebrity activities. Once people see them as autograph signers they lose the awe in which the public regard them, the whole perception and Super status is demeaned and the criminals lose their respect and go on the rampage. I'm surprised Wolverine didn't point this out and kick spidermans ass. Dec 18th 2006 02:50:20 PM