Picture of the Day for 12-07-2007
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What can I say? The Griff really likes to ride ducks. Wouldn't you?
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kimberly toby on the same duck at almost the same age, but not as excited:http://www.aaronwine.com/PodPhoto.asp?strPic=3-112005 Dec 7th 2007 07:39:18 AM
Abuelo Wow, what a memory! This may be the quintessential picture of their two personalities. Time will tell. Dec 7th 2007 10:14:01 AM
Bubby Lani Where is Toby's picture on the duck? I could not find it at 11/20/05. Dec 7th 2007 12:12:20 PM
Admin Kim needs to learn some HTML code. You can find Toby on the duck at 3-11-2005 Dec 7th 2007 01:14:23 PM
England Nathan He likes to ride ducks more than his brother Dec 26th 2007 08:59:00 AM