Picture of the Day for 12-08-2003
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POD Fan favorite and POD brother, Jeremy came into town this weekend with his soccer team. They also came to my company party. Here a couple of them with Jeremy eating free food. By the way, the company didn't know they were coming, madcap hilarity.
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JWine On-Sight is Outta-Sight! Dec 10th 2003 01:37:41 PM
Sekou "you know what you need to do is make fun of my brother every chance you get, especially while he's reffing the game tomorrow" Dec 11th 2003 08:45:15 AM
JWine An utterance like that never escaped my lips. I deny all. Dec 11th 2003 12:18:21 PM
Admin Jeremy never in his life has ever made fun of me or my refereing skills. He was a little mad at the lack of calls, but still I'm sure he liked being bossed over by me again. Dec 11th 2003 06:05:57 PM