Picture of the Day for 12-08-2005
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It's dang cold here. I'm talking were in the low 20's. However, the icy roads did not deter me from picking up my new minivan. Here is my shoe from the back row of my super cool new ride.
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Great Auntie Di You don't know cold. Try 5 degree's and snowing it Iowa. Dec 8th 2005 07:19:42 AM
Admin I've been in five degrees celsius all the time. Dec 8th 2005 08:00:28 AM
Marcia Levy You want cold try -9 and snow flurries in Hamilton Ontario Canada as of 10:50 this morning. Nice new car Aaron use it well. Dec 8th 2005 08:44:24 AM
kimberly all i can say is "whoo hoo, snow day!" actually, ice day. in texas there is no sand, no salt, and no rust. Dec 8th 2005 08:56:36 AM
beth YOU GOT A MINI-VAN???????? Dec 8th 2005 09:49:43 AM
Abuelo The Daddyfication process is complete Dec 8th 2005 09:54:58 AM
Glenn "Dad with a truck" Reinhardt You have to do something to make it manly - like add mud flaps or a gun rack. Dec 8th 2005 10:55:39 AM
Glenn I just thought of something...you bought a vehicle to seat 7 but you have a family of 3! You should have just gotten a motorcycle with a sidecar. When Steve and I were little my folks had a two seater and our seats were on the rear dash and we turned out ... well actually ... you know, that van is probably a pretty good idea after all. Dec 8th 2005 11:00:07 AM
Admin I'm going to add a hood ornament. I big shiney wind swept hood ornament. Something that says, "HELL YEAH!!!!" Dec 8th 2005 11:08:09 AM
beth AARON WINE HAS A MINI-VAN?????? Dec 8th 2005 12:35:03 PM
Lisa Jo Or maybe, Mini Aaron has a Wine Van [at least that _sounds_ more dangerous] Dec 8th 2005 02:57:05 PM
Bubby Lani Aaron must change vehicles every once in a while and get whatever's not in style, like the yellow caddy hd once bought. Dec 8th 2005 06:18:59 PM
Admin That Cadillac had a kill switch made out of an ordinary household light switch. Dec 8th 2005 06:51:28 PM