Picture of the Day for 02-10-2006
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I'm learning that being a Dad, you have to film things. Here is an example of Michael filming Ruby's birthday party. The cool thing about today's video cameras is that you can add instant commentary to any event.
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Abuelo The other cool thing about being a Dad is you can set fashion trends. Feb 10th 2006 08:31:57 AM
Glenn I am guessing that you and Michael were separated at birth. Congrats Jeremy. Another big brother to mold and misdirect you. Feb 10th 2006 09:21:46 AM
kimberly one of my students made michael's shirt, so it is very hip! Feb 10th 2006 02:31:29 PM
JWine Wait...this has been the wrong direction all along? Blimey! Feb 13th 2006 12:58:02 PM