Picture of the Day for 02-11-2004
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Today is going to be an interesting day. It's my last day at On-site computer and it will be both sad and satisfying. It's going to be sad because there are going to be a few people I'm really going to miss working with. It's going to be satisfying because I'm off to a much better job and a chance to make new friends. This is a good cheese move. So for today, it's a picture about me and all my glory. Enjoy.
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Adam No boogers! Always a good sign! Might want to see about investing in a nose hair trimmer though... Feb 11th 2004 09:49:46 AM
Alton Is this your planned future mature look -- sans teeth? Feb 11th 2004 10:50:52 AM
* Glad to see that you are still keeping your nose hairs trimmed. Feb 11th 2004 11:48:33 AM
Admin Taking a photo like this is always pot luck on the boogs. Fortunately for everyone, my nose was clean of the little green gobblins. Feb 12th 2004 04:23:41 AM
Scorp. This was not "pot-luck" on the boogs. I know you groomed first. In fact, I am glad that you did. I do question the mouth pose you chose to go with. What look were you going for? Feb 12th 2004 09:55:08 AM