Picture of the Day for 02-11-2005
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This is the gnarliest beard I ever grew. It took almost an hour to shave it off. Toby petted me once when I had it.
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Admin Looks like I got the full neck warmer Feb 14th 2005 09:17:35 AM
kimberly where were the "Queer Eye" fab five when I needed them??? Feb 11th 2005 07:05:46 AM
Kate in England He does look like one of the blokes they have on that programme doesn't he?! Kimberley, you must be soooo proud!! Feb 11th 2005 07:14:02 AM
beth wow....you look like the unibomber....poor kim Feb 11th 2005 08:27:09 AM
Admin Kim's got a few more issues with me other than my hygene. I don't think those Queer Eye guys would have a chance with me. Either the English ones or the American ones. At least I don't have a handle bar mustache. I might be able to find a picture somewhere and have a guest POD one day. Feb 11th 2005 08:37:23 AM
Bubby Lani Thank goodness it's gone before Buby Margaret gets here. Feb 11th 2005 10:10:00 AM
Abuelo I don't see any men posting a complaint. I guess maybe because we don't have to kiss it (Queer Eye guys excluded) Anyway, every man needs a chin warmer sometime in his life. Feb 11th 2005 03:48:46 PM