Picture of the Day for 02-13-2004
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Our washload got bigger recently. Here are some of the drip dry products we now have to clean.
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mh you might regret this pod .... but will you also show your fans how well you know your drier? Feb 13th 2004 04:46:09 AM
JWine I can't identify any of those items. Feb 13th 2004 05:22:30 AM
Admin Oh believe it Momma Hansen, I will putting on the coming out of the dryer photo up next week. Feb 13th 2004 07:09:08 AM
Alton Now, where is that Howdy Bib? Feb 13th 2004 10:03:28 AM
Admin No worries about the howdy bib. Got two of those. Plus, the first song Toby heard was the Aggie War Hymm and the outfit he had on when he left the hospital had a nice big bold ATM on the front. Maybe he'll catch his first game this year. Feb 13th 2004 02:39:05 PM
Great Grandma Dorothy I can't identify any of these items? What are they? How about another picture of Toby? It's been a while. Feb 15th 2004 12:40:53 PM
kimberly tiny socks, and in the mesh bag, breast pads. lovely of aaron to share those with everyone. Feb 16th 2004 07:57:15 AM
Admin Is that what they are? I thought they were coasters. Feb 16th 2004 02:49:02 PM
Glenn No Aaron, they are definitely socks - not coasters. Feb 17th 2004 09:26:31 AM