Picture of the Day for 02-14-2005
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So I got broiled on my beard photo last week and now I've decided to have a guest POD today. For all you metrosexual rodeo fans this valentines day, here is bronco bustin' Glenn. Flame away.
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Abuelo If he was flaming any more he would be arrested for flag burning Feb 14th 2005 08:21:29 AM
beth Oh LORD..>Do you hate me Aaron? I mean come on...people might realize he is my husband....i must cover my head when i go out now Feb 14th 2005 08:31:42 AM
A bunch of other guys - definitely not Glenn Finally, a photo of a REAL man. He looks like the kind of guy all us other guys wish we could be like and all our ol' ladies wish they could get. Like Burt Reynolds or David Hasslehoff or Shaft. His wife is one lucky lady. Feb 14th 2005 09:01:22 AM
Admin It's almost like Burt Reynolds and Charlie Daniels had a baby together and this is the spawn. Feb 14th 2005 09:16:37 AM
beth oh please...its like ron jeremy mated with steve hahn from "Happy Tx" Feb 14th 2005 09:30:56 AM
Glenn And she should know... (sweetie, it's actually Steve Zahn. Steve Hahn is the guy on the local morning show on 99.5 KISS - no resemblance to me. Thanks for the compliment anyway.) Feb 14th 2005 11:56:23 AM
Kate in England It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A... Feb 15th 2005 01:34:55 AM
Bubby lani So sorry I did not see this picture yesterday, I could have used the good laugh I had today. Very sorry Beth. Feb 15th 2005 06:30:27 AM
Admin Good one Kate. I need to reconfigure my spawn lineage. It's almost like the cowboy in the Village People and Burt Reynolds had a child and this was it's spawn. Feb 15th 2005 07:08:48 AM
beth Thanks for your sympathy Lani...it is a burden I must bear! Feb 15th 2005 08:37:34 AM
kimberly i think glenn does all the flamin' on his own! Feb 14th 2005 07:02:24 AM