Picture of the Day for 02-14-2006
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Since it's valentine's day, I'll glue today's POD with lovely dovey thoughts. My valentine in this photo is the hand. Since my wife hates it when I post pictures of her this one day I'll respect her and only show her hand. I'm in love with that hand. Secondly, the Tobinator is my valentine too. We have way too much fun and here he shows his faboulous eating habits. My third love in this photo is my new healthy eating habits. Here is the worlds first turkey/pickle/broccoli burger. You can get much more healthy than that.
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kimberly and toby thanks sweetie, we love you too. Feb 14th 2006 06:48:14 AM
beth i serioiusly think i'm going to puke...way too sweet...glenn...you never say that to me...thank you for keeping it real! Feb 14th 2006 09:42:26 AM
kimberly aaron is trying to earn "points". Feb 14th 2006 09:42:56 AM
beth is he in trouble? Feb 14th 2006 09:44:07 AM
beth or is it like the weight watchers system? Feb 14th 2006 09:44:28 AM
Admin Earn points? That's crazy, I've banked so many points these past couple of months that I'm almost set until retirement. Feb 14th 2006 10:08:23 AM
Admin I just noticed that their are two hands in this photo. I'm in love with the hand in the background, not the one with the ultra cool wrist band. And save your self love jokes from this board as that would be way too easy to get a laugh. Feb 14th 2006 10:09:54 AM
beth dammnit...i was going to make a joke Feb 14th 2006 12:40:13 PM
Glenn the stranger... Feb 14th 2006 03:14:40 PM