Picture of the Day for 02-15-2006
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Here is the day everyone was waiting for the last two months. It's give the new mini-van a nickname POD contest day. The winner of the contest will be given lifetime shotgun rights to the van if they are ever carted around in it. Let's see what your names are.
User Comment Entry Date
Glenn Is it yours or Kim's? Feb 14th 2006 08:50:40 PM
mh Doctor Meglatron's Meglatruck Feb 15th 2006 06:00:32 AM
Rob The super duper Toby toter Feb 15th 2006 06:57:43 AM
Admin This is my van. Kim is only allowed to sit in a passenger seat. My entry in the contest is the blue slug. Feb 15th 2006 06:59:42 AM
Glenn I have already claimed the name "the Drunk Tank" for my truck and Beth's mini-van is called "the Naggin' Wagon." Feb 15th 2006 10:22:41 AM
Glenn Here are my suggestions...Vanimaniac Vandemonium The Short Bus The Wine Wagon The Daddy Caddy The Shaggin' Wagon Feb 15th 2006 10:30:10 AM
Gpa Given Admin's obvious fondness for geese, I would dub this van the "Blue Goose"..."Goose" for short. Feb 15th 2006 10:59:11 AM
Bubby Lani this reminds me of the "old yellow caddy" phase of your life. I give this one year. Blue Goose sounds good for the year. Feb 15th 2006 01:54:13 PM
Admin I don't think this is going to be a phase. One other note, this was supposed to be a picture of just the van, but Toby ran into the shot and demanded to be photographed. Feb 15th 2006 02:03:41 PM
Abuelo Polar Van Artic? Feb 15th 2006 04:36:22 PM
Abuelo Van Dame? Feb 15th 2006 04:37:31 PM
Abuelo Blue Pooh? Feb 15th 2006 04:38:09 PM
Abuelo Jonah? or The Whale? Feb 15th 2006 04:41:06 PM
Abuelo Ms. Iz? Feb 15th 2006 04:42:58 PM
nh Abuelo must really want the prize ! (did i misread what it is?) Feb 15th 2006 06:11:37 PM
The Traweek How about POS... Feb 15th 2006 07:45:40 PM
Glenn Will there be a vote or are you just going to pick one? Feb 15th 2006 08:07:50 PM
Aunt Nancy How about Indigo-go? Feb 15th 2006 08:08:29 PM
Admin I'm going to pick a winner probably on Monday. I'll have a guest POD picture to announce the van name winner. Just for clarification is POS = Point Of Sale? Feb 15th 2006 09:12:56 PM
Abuelo Shamu? Feb 16th 2006 07:41:28 AM
kimberly NCP (no car payment) Feb 16th 2006 12:38:31 PM
kimberly NCP (no car payment) Feb 16th 2006 12:38:38 PM
Abuelo how "Daisy" as in the phrase "As free as a daisy". Feb 16th 2006 01:38:26 PM
JWine The CMK Speedwagon Feb 18th 2006 01:20:43 PM
kimberly i think the phrase is "as fresh as a daisy", or "as free as a bird". how about "Freebird"? Feb 18th 2006 01:37:09 PM
kimberly i think the phrase is "as fresh as a daisy", or "as free as a bird". how about "Freebird"? Feb 18th 2006 01:37:16 PM
kimberly echo.... Feb 18th 2006 01:37:38 PM
kimberly echo.... Feb 18th 2006 01:37:41 PM
kimberly Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbau Manny Motta, motta, motta. Feb 18th 2006 01:42:13 PM
beth you should have more contests like this...look how many people SCREW OFF at work and post messages. Feb 19th 2006 07:21:23 PM
Admin I don't want to over do it on the contests because then people will tire out on the POD. By occasionally putting a contest in, it keeps everyone interested. Feb 20th 2006 06:40:53 AM