Picture of the Day for 02-17-2004
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Sorry for making you all wait for more ooooober cute Toby pictures, but since it's the Traweek's birthday today, he gets the spotlight on the POD. Here is the Traweek coming back from yet another fruitless deer hunt. Happy birthday the Traweek.
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mommabeth Happy Birthday to the Traweek! May you see more birthdays than you have deer! Feb 17th 2004 06:23:43 AM
The Scorpio Happy Birthday The Train Wreck! I can almost smell that mask just by looking at the photo. Yuck! Feb 17th 2004 09:24:27 AM
cat Happy Birthday to my ooober cute hubby! Feb 17th 2004 11:09:23 AM
the old coworker Is this man a terrorist? He is, to the deer!! Aaaack! Feb 17th 2004 11:43:24 AM
Bubby Lani Happy Birthday, but I wouldn't trust anyone who looks like that with a gun!If I didn't know better, I would also say terrorist. Keep him away from my grandbaby until he cleans up his act! Feb 17th 2004 01:21:43 PM
Admin I think this is one of the better the Traweek pictures I have. First of all, it's a computer image so you can't smell him. Secondly, this might be the one photo I have of him with his mouth closed. He looks like he's posing for a wal-mart advertising circular that you find in your newspaper. Feb 17th 2004 04:41:01 PM