Picture of the Day for 02-17-2005
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I'm running out of pictures to post. Until I find my camera, you will have to settle for old pictures that I didn't use from back in the day. Here are beer bottles from 2003.
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kimberly ok, where do you remember having it last? Feb 17th 2005 06:38:57 AM
Glenn Should we email some possibilities for tomorrow's POD - guest photographer? Feb 17th 2005 07:09:33 AM
JWine Yeah, this is getting serious. 2 year old beer bottles? And empty ones, no less. Feb 17th 2005 07:58:53 AM
beth He is just remembering his pre-Toby days.....lots of beer....no poopy diapers Feb 17th 2005 08:23:36 AM
Admin I think I left it at my mom's house, but she hasn't responded that she's found it. It's going to be really bad next week, because it will be reruns. You think two year old beer bottles is bad, wait till you see the pictures of preggo Kimberly that we didn't use the first time... Feb 17th 2005 08:39:02 AM
Abuelo I can supply vacation or car pictures for the rest of the year if you want.WooHoo. Feb 17th 2005 10:44:49 AM
kimberly no. no. no preggo. call the stores in the mall too sweetie. (ugh, i just had to admit i was in a mall) Feb 17th 2005 11:21:12 AM
mh Yes to Abuelo's offer of pictures from vacation -even if you find your camera. If you find it, figure out how to attach it? Feb 18th 2005 05:41:31 AM