Picture of the Day for 02-19-2007
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You can't eat health food every day.
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kimberly when i told him french fries aren't healthy, he said "but these were yummy french fries" Feb 19th 2007 06:16:03 AM
Bubby Lani Notice the corn dog. Toby told me he loves corn dogs now. Feb 19th 2007 07:25:14 AM
GreatGrandmaDorothy Since we can't be there in person, we really enjoy the pictures of your growing family. Feb 19th 2007 08:27:59 AM
Admin Awesome. With food like this, I'm sure you'll many more pictures of us growing. Ok, I'll promise some pictures of the normal healthy food our younguns eat. The Griff had his first taste of bananas today. Feb 19th 2007 09:08:22 AM
Gpa Eesh I see an Iowa State Fair in this young man's future. Feb 19th 2007 09:24:41 AM
Cousin Marcia Great experience for you Toby, junk food is good once in awhile it gives you strength and builds big boys. Those fries look wonderful enjoy. Feb 19th 2007 12:12:29 PM
Admin Oh, and I was told, "I like this place, we should come back sometime." Feb 19th 2007 01:02:28 PM
kimberly i hate to ask, but what was that beverage? Feb 19th 2007 01:52:21 PM
Admin lemonade. I was going to give him a diet soda with aspertamine, but decided against the having the whole meal be deadly. Feb 19th 2007 02:31:32 PM
kimberly i'm sure it was real lemonade. Feb 19th 2007 03:03:00 PM
Rob A trip to Dairy Queen would be a perfect ending to this meal. Feb 19th 2007 03:12:42 PM