Picture of the Day for 02-20-2006
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So last Friday we were given a green light that this little flopping zygote is going to be our next member in the Wine family household. This photo makes it an official announcement. You may congradulate when you feel the urge. For names, I'm leaning this time for either Peanut or Phylo.
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Glenn Again, my suggestion is Vanimaniac. Feb 19th 2006 07:23:04 PM
beth WHAT????? And this is how Unky Glenn and Aunty Beth find out??????????? Congrats to Kim, Toby and new baby... Feb 19th 2006 07:24:46 PM
Peaches El-Yeah! Congratulations. Feb 20th 2006 06:12:06 AM
Admin Yeah, How about this for a bait and switch? I told everyone the results of the van naming contest would be today and whammo(tm), you get news of the fourth member of the www.aaronwine.com clan. As for the winner, I was going to announce a 1st and 2nd place, but I like both names equally so my new van can be either called "The Megalotruck" as submitted by Momma Hansen, or "The Blue Goose" as submitted by Grandpa Eesh. They will both have to share the shotgun seat. Feb 20th 2006 06:43:43 AM
Aunt Nancy Much congratulations! Now Toby will have someone to share the spotlight with on Picture of the Day. I'm sure that he will do a good job of teaching little brother or sister how to smile for the camera. Feb 20th 2006 05:43:45 PM
Bubby Lani Very cool sonagram. I can see the face and it looks ile a girl to me. Hold off on naming the van. Cal has a name to submit. Feb 20th 2006 05:49:33 PM