Picture of the Day for 02-21-2005
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We redid the master bathroom to make the house look nice for selling. Officially, we are on the market and even had our first showing. I'm upset that they didn't make an offer on the spot. Here is a picture of the glory hole that connects to the toilet. Raise your hand if you knew what the connection to a toilet looks like.
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kimberly raise your hand if you never cared to know what it looked like. Feb 21st 2005 06:34:54 AM
Auntie Di My hand is up Kim Feb 21st 2005 08:30:02 AM
Admin So you knew what a connection looked like or you didn't care? Feb 21st 2005 09:14:11 AM
Beth Move to San Antonio....our connection holes are much cleaner Feb 21st 2005 09:22:08 AM
auntie Di Our's in Iowa are frozen, just like everything else. Feb 21st 2005 02:50:24 PM
Bubby Lani Oy Feb 21st 2005 04:10:34 PM