Picture of the Day for 02-21-2006
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I got to go on a field trip last week. I went to two of our dams and a substation. Here I am at the bottom of Buchanan Dam. This was built in 1937 and right behind me is a concrete arc of 6 feet in thickness. Behind that is alot of water. I mean A LOT of water.
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JWine Did it just get warmer in here, eh? Feb 21st 2006 06:09:41 AM
Admin How do you mean? I guess burried in 2 feet of snow any photo of 75 degree weather would make you feel warmer. Feb 21st 2006 06:45:57 AM
JWine I found this reminiscent of a certain Strange Brew scene. Feb 22nd 2006 05:52:43 PM
Admin ok, that makes a lot of sense now. I agree. All I need are some funny looking pajamas and a beer mistress. Feb 22nd 2006 09:02:31 PM