Picture of the Day for 02-21-2008
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Isabelle somehow thinks that I'm eating my chip sandwich wrong. She doesn't know how hard it is to eat and photograph at the same time.
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England Kate This picture cracks me up every time. She may only be one but she's got the measure of you Aaron, that's for sure! Feb 21st 2008 06:34:40 AM
kimberly smart and pretty little girl! Feb 21st 2008 06:53:03 AM
Bubby Lani She's so cute Kate. Would make a good match for the Griff! Feb 21st 2008 11:48:29 AM
kimberly Griff makes that same face if you try to take his food away. Feb 21st 2008 02:22:27 PM
England Kate I don't know Lani, Toby will probably be the first one to have a car! Feb 22nd 2008 11:56:04 AM