Picture of the Day for 02-02-2004
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Let's guess what Bubby Lani is saying to Toby. The winner will get an autographed copy of this photo.
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Scorpio Wow! I am so surprised. I can't believe it. This is what you dream of but never do you really think it will happen to you. Wow! So many people to thank. Where to start ... hmmm ... well of course I'd like to thank Bubi and Toby, without whom this moment couldn't have been possible. They are the real stars here. I have to thank Admin. for having faith in me and just giving me a chance. Thanks to my wife for buying me this shirt I am wearing which hasn't malfunctioned. The Cos. Gotta thank the Cos. Bill, thanks for the Puddin' Pops and Fat Albert. Oh yeah, Spike Lee - keep it real, Bro. Madonna ... belly button helped me become a man. Daisy Duke for helping Madonna. John and Ponch for teaching me to respect the law. Ummm. That nice sailor named Jim who also helped Madonna. Thanks to Thor. And lastly, the "Where's the Beef" lady for never losing her integrity and teaching me that sometimes there are things worth fighting for. Where's the Beef, y'all!Feb 5th 2004 01:28:49 PM
JWine Your poopy looks like chili Feb 2nd 2004 06:17:50 AM
Scorpio Please don't embarrass me like my own children have done. Feb 2nd 2004 04:44:22 PM
Muscle A. Don't embarrass me like my son's have and it's all yours. Feb 2nd 2004 08:36:59 PM
kimberly lets go shopping! Feb 4th 2004 10:47:49 AM
Admin Okay, so I don't have very many choices to go with, but I declare, 'Scorpio', the winner. He receives a POD sponsered hug from his choice of water well resident. Feb 5th 2004 05:21:47 AM