Picture of the Day for 02-02-2006
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The little monkey likes to hang out at the monkey bars. Did I mention how fast he got? It's a challenge now just to keep up with him sometimes.
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Toby's nana he's got a snack container in his hand, right? Feb 2nd 2006 06:07:35 AM
Admin It takes energy to climb those bars so he takes his fuel with him. Very astute. Feb 2nd 2006 06:26:30 AM
Rob That swirly one behind Toby looks like a tough one to climb. Maybe an optical illusion. Feb 2nd 2006 01:12:14 PM
Professor Glenn It is a double helix. It teaches kids about DNA. Feb 2nd 2006 07:54:09 PM
beth glenn...you are doing it again...you are showing off your intelligence Feb 3rd 2006 08:30:21 AM
Admin I think that if you were to take a sample off that double helix monkey bar, you would be able to grow and exact duplicate playset for your backyard. Feb 3rd 2006 10:54:18 AM
kimberly think of the ethical issues! Feb 3rd 2006 11:46:23 AM