Picture of the Day for 02-22-2006
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The Megalovan got a flat tire the other day and I had to change it in sub 40 degree weather. However, the Megalovan now has road hugging new treads so all is well except the pocketbook. Please buy some t-shirts in the www.aaronwine.com store.
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mh It's time to inflate your prices Feb 22nd 2006 05:40:51 AM
chicos tacos that's what you get for buying a nznsi. cheap russian vans. Feb 22nd 2006 12:04:44 PM
beth i think it is a sign...you should not be driving a mini-van Feb 22nd 2006 01:02:26 PM
Abuelo I did mention your low tires after we fixed the air conditioning several weeks ago. Remember? Feb 22nd 2006 04:04:24 PM
beth you already had to fix the air conditioning? ooooo---I Hear ominious music playing! Feb 22nd 2006 07:33:11 PM
Admin The air conditioning was the house air. The tire in question here was the other back tire and it had a 3 inch nail in it. The tire you brought up was properly filled with air. Feb 22nd 2006 09:01:15 PM