Picture of the Day for 02-22-2007
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Toby has been going to soccer skills practice for almost two months now. He's getting good at dribbling the ball and listening to the Coach most of the time.
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Rob Super cool! And he knows how to wear his socks cool too! Feb 22nd 2007 07:08:24 AM
tahoeeddie dude, that kid in the back has WHITE eyes! Feb 22nd 2007 07:17:53 AM
Uncle Jereminho Head over the ball, knees bent, good balance...proud uncle checking in. Feb 22nd 2007 08:17:52 AM
Admin I didn't realize how creepy that white eyed kid was. Toby told me he wanted shin guards and goalie gloves. Feb 22nd 2007 09:21:22 AM
Rob Shin guards are a must. Along with wrist bands and that black stuff that goes under your eyes. Feb 22nd 2007 09:49:52 AM
Nana Toby, do you see how this got your two uncles' attention ? I'm thinking you ask them for the equipment you need. Feb 22nd 2007 04:02:47 PM
Rob I'll start searching for some cool wrist bands this weekend! Feb 22nd 2007 09:54:43 PM