Picture of the Day for 02-22-2008
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Making her glorious entrance on the POD, I give you England Kate! For those future POD-wannabes, the most sure fired way to make the POD is to cook a scrummy meal as England Kate is showing us in this photo.
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kimberly hello Kate, nice to meet you! hope we can meet in person someday. Feb 22nd 2008 07:34:21 AM
Bubby Lani Nice to met both you and Nathan in the POD pictures, not just comments. Maybe you'll make it down to Texas some day and we can make potatoes together. Aaron's Mom Feb 22nd 2008 08:15:14 AM
England Kate I feel as though I should take a bow or something, it's not everyday you make a POD debut! We would love to come to Texas, apparently your house is as chaotic as ours only it has a different accent. Feb 22nd 2008 11:59:46 AM
Nathan I have previously made the POD on 3 seperate occasions other than the recent addtitions, I challenge admin to find them and post links............. I am special! Feb 22nd 2008 12:41:15 PM
momma hansen England Kate, tell Nathan you're cuter ! Feb 23rd 2008 05:13:26 PM