Picture of the Day for 02-23-2004
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I had to go back to New Years Eve to find a good picture of just myself. I actually have a lot of photos I need to post that are really good, but there seems to be too much action going on. Last Wednesday I bowled a 655 average(214, 219, 222) and yesterday I set up a goal with a clever back heal to my striker and followed up later in the game with a vicisious left footed volley after a great run that mystified their defense. Long live me.
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kimberly people won't know that the left footed volley was a GOOOOOLLLLL!!! now get back to the cute toby pics! Feb 23rd 2004 07:25:47 AM
Abuelo Why limit yourself to one POD? A tech wizard like you should be able to layout a multipanel picture display. Feb 23rd 2004 01:56:59 PM
kimberly or a special page for toby fans. Feb 23rd 2004 04:38:55 PM