Picture of the Day for 02-23-2006
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When I went to change my flat on the Megalovan, I saw this sign on the parking lot. Is it just me or is it really funny that this church was advertising their place for you in front of a cemetary. They need some lessons on ad placement.
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chicos tacos i bet they're dying to get in! ba-dum BUMP! Feb 23rd 2006 06:24:18 AM
Admin Awesome Chico. That's better than anything I was coming up with. Feb 23rd 2006 06:46:41 AM
bubby lani Looks like it belings on Leno or Letterman. Who is Chico? Feb 23rd 2006 09:10:40 AM
beth its chico tacos Feb 23rd 2006 04:16:37 PM