Picture of the Day for 02-26-2007
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Griff likes to drool, eat toys and reach for things. I like to do that too, but only when I've had seven beers.
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Nana he looks concerned. do you think it's teething pain or not being able to fit the whole toy in his mouth? Feb 26th 2007 05:20:39 PM
kimberly just noticed today that he cut another tooth Feb 26th 2007 05:41:48 PM
Nana Griff, hasn't anyone told you that cutting a tooth is a reason to demand a lot of tlc? Feb 26th 2007 07:17:16 PM
kimberly he gets that without demanding it. he's just that lovable. Feb 26th 2007 07:59:20 PM
Admin Wait till you see tomorrow painful picture. These babies sure do go through a lot. Feb 26th 2007 09:28:07 PM