Picture of the Day for 02-27-2007
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This picture came out more painful that it was. Griff did indeed cry pretty good, but a few seconds after the last booster shot he was back to his ol' smiley self. He did get a smothering of hugs though. Sometimes we got to do some pain stuff to be better off. Hard to explain to a six month old though.
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kimberly that's just wrong. nana better hurry down with lots of hugs!! Feb 27th 2007 05:17:03 AM
Rob At least we know Griff doesn't have that disease where he can't feel pain. Feb 27th 2007 07:28:14 AM
Amera oh no! that would make me cry too. when babies cry i get all anxious and cry!Feb 27th 2007 11:42:27 AM
Nana Dad, were you holding him with one arm, and taking the pod with the other hand, AND gritting your teeth ? Feb 27th 2007 02:26:43 PM
Admin Shots are tough for everyone except the nurse who administers the injection. I swear she was smiling. Feb 27th 2007 03:13:41 PM
Bubby Lani Now I'm squemish Feb 27th 2007 05:26:20 PM
Nana she was smiling at you, Dad-min. Feb 27th 2007 06:35:55 PM