Picture of the Day for 02-03-2005
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My computer is totally crashed so I had to go on Kim's machine to find a picture this morning. I found a picture of a number/insect painting she did for a cousin of hers. If you want a painting, give her a call as she is a good artist. Picasso has nothing on her.
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Glenn Cute. I like the dead fly. Feb 3rd 2005 11:54:01 AM
Admin I like the cocoon. Feb 3rd 2005 11:55:07 AM
Glenn Cute. I like the dead fly. Feb 3rd 2005 11:55:26 AM
Admin And I said I LIKE THE COCOON!!! Feb 3rd 2005 12:58:52 PM
kimberly needless to say, the coccoon was aaron's idea. Feb 3rd 2005 04:21:12 PM
artist's mom is there anyone who looked at this who did not count just to make sure she painted the right number of creatures in each block? (just wondering) Feb 3rd 2005 05:58:17 PM
kimberly mom knows i've never been good with math. Feb 3rd 2005 06:59:40 PM
Glenn Still like the dead fly. Feb 4th 2005 10:26:02 AM