Picture of the Day for 02-05-2007
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Every girl raves about the guy who can clean up after a party. I'm instilling some great habits into Toby.
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kimberly i guess i need to invent a sock vacuum and a toy vacuum to get the rest of the clean-up done. Feb 5th 2007 08:09:36 AM
mh I suppose it was during Admin's bachelor years that he learned these clean up skills he's now instilling. Feb 5th 2007 06:33:04 PM
Bubby Lani Admin has been taught clean up by his wife, he would not do it for his mother. Feb 5th 2007 06:44:53 PM
kimberly admin doesn't clean up, except doing dishes and vacuuming. Feb 5th 2007 07:55:07 PM
bubbymarg Hi: Good Job on your clean up Toby, keep up the good work. Love, Bubbymarg Feb 12th 2007 02:39:05 PM