Picture of the Day for 02-07-2006
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Trampolines are such awesome fun. I only wish we could find a way for Toby to play on trampolines regularly. It would be a great way for him to visit some sort of elderly relatives...
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kimberly i'm not sure calling them elderly is going to help the cause. Feb 7th 2006 06:45:47 AM
Admin Here is the definition of elderly. eld?er?ly ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ldr-l) adj. Being past middle age and approaching old age; rather old. Of, relating to, or characteristic of older persons or life in later years. Feb 7th 2006 07:12:11 AM
Abuelo I am ready to jump but my elderly spouse is not. Appealing to the joy that would be provided to a grandson is a better approach. Feb 7th 2006 10:22:51 AM
beth we havbe a trampoline...and we are not elderly. Our dog even loves the trampoline Feb 7th 2006 03:44:56 PM
beth you need spell check on this site...my fingers act drunk Feb 7th 2006 03:45:21 PM
Abuelo Too much jumping on the trampoline? Feb 7th 2006 03:56:30 PM
beth actually..its too much dealing with glenn...i love beer! Feb 8th 2006 07:32:58 AM