Picture of the Day for 02-07-2008
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Here is the front of the new homestead. The dumpsters will be removed one day hopefully.
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Nathan Having watched Aaron update the POD I now know the secrets to update it. Maybe I'll sabotage it, unless you pay me 1 million dollars MWAHAHAHAHAH! Feb 7th 2008 06:45:56 AM
kimberly on my (literal)run-through yesterday i saw lights! and the microwave is in. the pendant lights are smaller than i thought, but still cool. the ceiling fans are quite nice. Feb 7th 2008 07:36:59 AM
kimberly now backsplashes are up in the bathrooms and they put in the shampoo cubby and the doorbell. dishwasher is still out in the kitchen. Feb 7th 2008 08:36:28 PM
kimberly oh yeah, and the 4 dumpsters are GONE!! Feb 7th 2008 08:37:09 PM
Nathan oooh, is someone getting excited about their new house? Feb 8th 2008 02:21:06 AM