Picture of the Day for 02-09-2006
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Toby did not disappoint when it was his turn to smash the pinata. There were a lot of cameras rolling and that's a lot of pressure. A special POD kudos goes out.
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Glenn Who picked out the pinata? Is it a wedding cake? Feb 9th 2006 10:08:25 AM
Admin I don't know. It was a pinata at Ruby's birthday. Ruby is one of Toby's girlfriends. Feb 9th 2006 11:49:31 AM
kimberly glenn, if you aren't working, maybe you could become a pinata designer? Feb 9th 2006 01:22:35 PM
Glenn We have a couple mercados here in San Antonio with AWESOME pinatas. I couldn't compete with them. Feb 9th 2006 03:39:55 PM
beth Oh please Kim..don't get him started on another business idea...I'm still hearing about the "goat idea" Feb 10th 2006 07:18:04 AM
Admin Now hold on a moment. As much as I think Glenn's ideas are usually absurd, the goat idea had some legs. Feb 10th 2006 07:47:27 AM
beth i don't know about legs...but i know if involved a trailer and a truck Feb 10th 2006 02:57:12 PM