Picture of the Day for 03-10-2004
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Yesterday was primary voting day here in Texas and as I was walking up to the voting precinct, I had an epiphany. I figure to be rich and get preferable treatment, I had to be republican. So yesterday I voted in the republican primary. Here am I voting republican, although for president I voted "noncommitted".
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kimberly dork. Mar 10th 2004 08:07:52 AM
Beth i concur with kim Mar 10th 2004 08:25:05 AM
no nickname Welcome to the dark side. Your tax cut is in the mail. Mar 10th 2004 08:57:29 AM
mh was there a 'should be committed' option? Mar 10th 2004 01:54:42 PM
kimberly good one mom! Mar 10th 2004 02:38:19 PM
Hozer I voted for "anyone but bush 2004"...hell, i'd write in big bird or a mangey moose before Bush...yeech Mar 10th 2004 08:46:28 PM