Picture of the Day for 03-11-2005
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I've been wanting to put up this photo of Toby and the creepy duck, so now here it is.
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Super Glenn That goose looks like a super villian. Mar 11th 2005 07:11:00 AM
kimberly duck, duck, goose! Mar 11th 2005 10:40:40 AM
Glenn Hey Toby, wanna hear a secret? Okay but don't let Duck hear... Mar 11th 2005 11:34:16 AM
Abuelo Looks like a Vulcan mind meld. He even has the split fingers down. Live long and prosper Mr Duck(penguin?) Mar 11th 2005 03:58:53 PM
The Traweek Blam Mar 12th 2005 07:29:45 AM
kimberly more like blam, blam, blam, damn! blam...oh well, i'll just have another beer. Mar 16th 2005 06:19:39 PM