Picture of the Day for 03-01-2004
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Why does Kimberly have that sparkle in her eyes today? I think it is because it's her birthday today. Here she is smiling, with her offspring snoring logs.
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Auntie Di Happy Birthday Berly. Can't wait to see you this summer. Toby's looks great. Mar 1st 2004 05:01:59 AM
Aunty Beth Happy Birthday!!!! You love wonderful dah-ling! Mar 1st 2004 06:42:47 AM
Beth you LOOK wonderful--my hands are cold and the dog is laying in my lap. Mar 1st 2004 08:50:15 AM
Glenn Happy Birthday! Mar 1st 2004 09:04:44 AM
Great Grandma Dorothy Glad to know when your birthday is. Hope you had a Great Happy Day. ;Your little Toby is a doll. Mar 1st 2004 09:10:32 AM
kimberly thanks for the bday wishes. i'll give you one guess as to who dressed toby that day... Mar 1st 2004 09:29:56 AM
Su Butler Happy Birthday Kim!! Motherhood suits you....you are glowing! Toby is such a sweetie.... Mar 1st 2004 02:19:38 PM